Open today 12-17
Open today 12-17

Games that matter?

Experience gaming history from the 1960s until today, learn more about what it’s like to work in the gaming industry, try e-sports, make your own game and much more!

Are you interested in computer games? Do you play them yourself, or would you like to learn what it's all about, really? 'Games that matter?' is an exhibition in which visitors can experience Swedish gaming history, from the earliest game to the very latest. Try the games and meet the cultures and opinions around them.

Since the arrival of the personal computer, computer games have been a key driving force in the development of computers. An internet search for computer game history yields a great deal of information, but this almost exclusively focuses on American or Japanese development.

The exhibition looks closely at both the games and the hardware. Games as a cultural phenomenon, as a social and scientific field and as a billion-dollar business. Try Sweden's first game, a selection of classics from the first commercial developers and e-sports, then make your own game, explore the roots of the gaming industry, go backstage with Swedish gaming companies and much more! Welcome to 'Games that matter?'!


The 'Games that matter?' exhibition is produced by Datamuseet (the Computer museum͛), IT-Ceum.

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