Open today 12-17
Open today 12-17

Everyday matter – the value of Textile Art

An exhibition created with the focus of materiality, slowness and opportunities of the craft. Innovation and critical processing of everyday life.

In collaboration with the Textile Museum of Sweden, Nordic Textile Art present Everyday Matter, a notable exhibition of works in large formats.

”The slow processes of textile art with everyday materials as starting point. Its methods eliminate time and communicate through their materiality. Threads we all recognize but take years to master. While we look back in history, we work towards yet undiscovered possibilities.”

Everyday Matter – Critical processing of daily life

In the expression, Everyday Matter there is the significance of ordinary materials, but also that every day has a meaning. In the exhibition, we can see how every artist relates to the theme in different ways. The exhibition also shows the rich world of textile art - The Value of Textile Art.

NTA Nordic Textile Art – The Nordic cooperation and the Nordic textile art is the basis of Nordic Textile Art which is an association and a network that was created in 2006. NTA wants to create a forum and meeting places for textile art. Our goal is to convey and bring forward the Nordic textile art.

The exhibition is curated by Vibeke Lindhardt, Gina Hedegaard Nielsen, Linnea Blomgren from NTA and Malena Karlsson from the Textile Museum. The idea behind the composition of the exhibitors was to invite ten specifically chosen artists, two from each country, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and also to feature artists that since the start of NTA have been active within the association.

The exhibition is produces in connection with CROSSOVER BORÅS 2017, the XVIII conference of the European Textile Network, ETN

A warm thank you to Sari Syväluoma (Fi/N) posthumous, who earlier was a member in the working group for this exhibition, but who passed away way too early, in August 2016.

The ten invited artists: From Sweden, Elsa Agélii and Emelie Röndahl; from Norway, Kari Hjertholm and Løvaas & Wagle; from Finland, Ulla-Maija Vikman and Silja Puranen; from Iceland, Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir and Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir; from Denmark, Grethe Wittrock and Ane Henriksen.

The ten artists juried from a closed call from NTA: Helga Palina Brynjolfsdottir, Elisabeth Brenner Remberg, Laura Isoniemi, Raija Jokinen, Aino Kajaniemi, Kerstin Lindström, , Vibeke Lindhardt, Linnea Blomgren, and Josabet Werkmäster

Donors: Estrid Ericson Stiftelse, Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden, Clara Lachmanns stiftelse, Helge Ax:son Johnsson, Kulturrådet, Nordisk kulturkontakt, Nordisk kulturfond, Tore g Wärenstams stiftelse

Photo: Løvaas & Wagle, image cropped.

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