Open today 12-17
Open today 12-17

New Nordic Fashion Illustration

Discover contemporary Nordic fashion illustration, created by twenty illustrators in close to a hundred works, in the travelling exhibition that puts the spotlight on an artform on the rise.

In the exhibition New Nordic Fashion Illustration Vol. 2, selected works by twenty Nordic fashion illustrators are shown. The last decade has seen fashion illustration return to the attention of art historians and make appearances in exhibitions, fashion magazines, and other publications. In this international travelling exhibition, close to a hundred works by contemporary fashion illustrators from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia are shown.

Fashion illustration is a multifaceted and appealing but often contradictory subject, existing in its own world somewhere between advertising and art. Curator Toomas Volkmann argues that its unique position lies in its paradoxical nature – tremendously contemporary in its mirroring of modern consumer society on the one hand, strongly connected to both general art history and drawing traditions on the other. Difficult to pin down, it has often been forced out, onto the periphery of the art world, but is now in the process of obtaining vindication and being taken seriously, as an art form to be reckoned with.

New Nordic Fashion Illustration Vol. 2 has been shown in Tallinn (Estonia), Tblisi (Georgia), Pärnu (Estonia), and Budapest (Hungary). It contains close to a hundred works by the fashion illustrators Marju Tammik, Anu Samarüütel, Britt Samoson, and Katlin Kaljuvee from Estonia; Laura Laine, Annu
Kilpeläinen, and Riikka Sormunen from Finland; Cecilia Carlstedt, Stina Persson, Daniel Egnéus, Sara Andreasson, and Liselotte Watkins from Sweden; Naja Conrad-Hansen, Mia Marie Overgaard, Mads Berg, and Lisa Grue from Denmark; and Esra Roise, Natalie Foss, Magnus Voll Mathiassen, and Hans Christian Øren from Norway.

The exhibition was produced by the Estonian art association MTÜ Kunstiloomus, and is being shown for the first time in Sweden at the Textile Museum of Sweden in Borås. With the support of the Estonian Embassy in Stockholm. 

Illustration: Daniel Egneus (photo has been cropped)

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